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Breast Suction Pump for Increased Breast Sensation and Bigger Breast


Suction Pump for Nipple Breasts Suction. Pump for increasing the size of small breasts. Provides fuller and firmer breasts.

Why it works: Like any tissue in the body, when it’s exercised and blood flow is encouraged, it will expand. This system uses this principle on the breasts. The system works each breast individually and will result in firmer and fuller breasts.

How it works: The cup is placed over the breast area, and the pump is pressed lightly. This creates a vacuum and causes blood to flow to the breast, therefore causing it to expand before your eyes. The swelling occurs in the first few days, but over the course of weeks the swelling is replaced by adequate growth and growth.

How to use: Place the cup over the breast, covering it completely. Operate the syringe pump until you feel the suction is uncomfortable, immediately relieve the pressure by activating the valve button located just above the pump. Repeat the exercise on each breast until you complete 15 minutes of exercise on each. After 2 or 3 weeks the exercise can take up to 30 minutes if it does not cause any discomfort.

Composition: 1 syringe-type suction pump, 1 relief valve, 1 corrugated hose, 1 clear ABS plastic cup, 1 soft PVC protective ring for cup rim.

Dimensions: 13x11cm.

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