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Mangala Dry Fish Large – 1

Our Mangala Dry Fish is a hygienically prepared dry fish that contains no dirt or sand and has a shelf life of up to six months at exceptional pricing.


Dry Mangala Fish is very delicious and very good for spicing up your local dishes. It is naturally preserved and well dried. The dried Mangala fish is very healthy and recommended for your daily cooking.

Smoking fish has become increasingly popular around the world because it can increase shelf life without negatively influencing nutritional content.  Keep in mind that the shelf life of smoke fish greatly depends on a variety of factors such as moisture, aeration, and how they are stored.

The Fats and oil found in this fish have nutritional benefits that are greater than those of other fish because of their fat content. The omega-3 fatty acids in this fish are good for your brain, heart, and immune system. These healthy fats have the added benefit of absorbing the flavor of smoke very well, resulting in a tastier food compared to leaner fish.

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