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Stockfish (Flesh | Big Size)

Our Stock Fish is sand-free and very good for cooking, its flavour is as sweet as anything you can imagine, very fresh and clean, I bet you would love it. It can be used to season natives’ soup and give taste to food.



The word “Stock Fish” represents any of the species of certain salt-water fish (Cod, Tusk, Haddock, or Ling) that has been completely dehydrated with no added salt or preservatives.

Stock Fish is unsalted fish, especially cod, dried by cold air and wind on wooden racks. It is called Okporoko among southern Nigerians, Panla among Western Nigerians. The drying process takes approximately three to four months, during which 70% of the water is removed and the essential vitamins and nutrients are retained. The dehydrated fish (Stock Fish) acquires a peculiar flavour/taste that is totally different from the fresh fish flavour. The nutritional value of 1kg of Stock Fish is the same as approximately 5kg of fresh fish. m

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